Marine Cargo Insurance Australia

Whether you’re a small transport operator or a large company, it’s important to safeguard your cargo from loss or damage during transportation.

Carriers marine cargo insurance provides comprehensive coverage for your goods while they’re in your care during transit within Australia. With carriers marine insurance, you can rest easy knowing that your transport company is protected against unforeseen events that may lead to financial loss. What’s more, this type of policy is affordable and accessible for any transport business, regardless of size or number of trips. Don’t take chances with your cargo – invest in carriers marine insurance for sound risk management and peace of mind in your transport operations.


Types of Coverage for a Carriers Marine Cargo Policy

There are 3 types of  carriers marine cargo coverage options available in Australia. The type of coverage you need will depend on your specific needs and circumstances. Find below the coverage options  for carriers marine cargo insurance

This section becomes applicable when you incorporate Approved Terms and Conditions into your contract of carriage, effectively limiting your liability. It addresses your legal responsibility to provide specific compensation for lost or damaged goods while they are in your conveying vehicle or at your premises during transit. This coverage ensures that both you and your clients are protected in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

This section provides coverage for accidental loss or damage to goods while in your conveying vehicle or at your premises during transit, regardless of your legal liability or contractual terms. It encompasses a range of scenarios including loading and unloading, theft or pilferage, non-delivery, and shedding of load. This comprehensive protection ensures peace of mind for both you and your clients, safeguarding against unforeseen incidents that may occur during the transportation process.

This section of your policy covers you for loss or damage to covered goods while they are in your conveying vehicle or on your premises during transit. The coverage applies to losses caused by a defined insured event, regardless of your legal liability or contract terms.

Here are some examples of insured events:

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Collision and overturning of vehicle.
  • Storm Damage
Truck transporting cargo, protected by Carriers Marine Cargo Insurance

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Benefits Of Carriers Marine Cargo Insurance

Carriers marine cargo insurance in Australia offers several benefits to businesses and individuals involved in the transportation of goods. Some of these advantages include:

Legal Protection

The policy safeguards carriers from potential legal liabilities arising from damages incurred during the transportation process.

Financial Protection

Carriers marine cargo insurance protects transport operators from financial loss due to damaged or lost goods. It covers replacement costs and additional expenses.

Enhanced Reputation

Carrying marine cargo insurance demonstrates a carrier’s commitment to ensuring the safety and security of goods in transit, which can help build trust and credibility with clients.